W. Lim Corporation

provides the original purchaser a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on ALL W. Lim

UV Sterilizers from the date of the original purchase. This warranty is limited to the main housing* only (see below) and does not cover any electrical components, lamps, quartz sleeves, fittings, unions or damage. Labor is covered for the life of the UV Sterilizer. Freezing will make the UV crack and will NOT be covered by warranty.

*Main Housing is defined as the section outlined in the diagrams above.


Pump Motors- 3-years limited (warranty does NOT cover motor if water enters the motor).

Wet-End- 1-year limited warranty

Pump Seals- Not Cover If debris or sand gets in-between the seal. (for additional information check warranty papers provided with pump)

Aqua Wave Pumps are a private label for SkynLand Corp.

All warranties are covered by the same terms as W. Lim Corporation

To Qualify for the Limited Lifetime Warranty:

The limited lifetime warranty applies to units purchased after June 1, 2008. Fill out the warranty registration card that came with the unit and mail it in along with a copy of your receipt within (30) thirty days of purchase.


Not Covered Under Limited Lifetime Warranty:

If the product registration is not completed and mailed within thirty (30) days of purchase, the warranty will only be valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase. If the product is resold, the warranty will become void.
W. Lim’s warranty does not cover repairs or replacement due to misuse, or improper maintenance and installation. Any damage caused by water or freezing will also not be covered.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty will expire (5) years from the date a unit is discontinued in production by W. Lim Corporation. The warranty is void if the unit has been altered or tampered with by unauthorized person.


Shipping to W. Lim for warranty work and the cost for shipping back (via regular ground service) is the owner’s responsibility. Expedited shipping service is available upon request and at an additional cost. A copy of the sales receipt showing purchase date is required before for any warranty repairs.

When submitting unit for repair, briefly explain the problem and include your name, address, daytime phone number and evening phone number. If repair costs are not covered under the warranty, we will call you with an estimate, at which time payment details will be required prior to repairs being made. For any questions concerning your W. Lim Corporation call (626) 579-1280, M-F 8:00AM – 2:30PM, PST or email @: