Wave 2-Speed Impeller Assembly for 1-1/2 HP


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Wave  2-Speed Pump

The Wave two-speed pump has the ability to be electrically efficient while running on low speed, produce moderate flows at low pressures and then, with the flip of a pump-mounted switch, the flow can be doubled and the pressures tripled. An excellent choice for back washing filters that do not have a blower.

Note: One gpm (gallon per minute) is equal to 60 gph (gallons per hour).

Wave II 2-S 1.5
Low speed - 1725 RPM, 60 gpm/3600 gph @ 2.5 feet. Max head 6 feet
High speed - 3450 RPM, 130 gpm/7800 gph @ 10 feet. Max head 24 feet